Whatever your requirements, we're dedicated to providing multi-functional, specialised glass solutions – for safe, secure and comfortable building and marine applications.

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Why Vetrotech

Power of Innovation

When it comes to innovation, we push ourselves to the limit - and then we go beyond it.

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Fire testing lab

When it comes to fire, you can't afford to take any chances. Our fire-resistant glass gives you absolute assurance and peace of mind.

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At Vetrotech, we take our responsibilities towards the environment and sustainability very seriously.

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Thu, 03/03/2016
Med prestigeprojektet DOKK1 lægger Århus sig i spidsen for en stærk tendens i byggeriet, hvor glas spiller en stadigt mere fremtrædende rolle. I det nye store bibliotek og borgerservice på Århus Havn har glasleverandøren Vetrotech sammen med Deko sat en ny rekord for brandglas i stor størrelse med minimal brug af profiler.

About Vetrotech

Vetrotech is one of the world's biggest names in high-performance glass manufacturing. Delivering world-class glass solutions for marine, fire and security applications, we are dedicated to making your building or vessel safe, functional and beautiful.

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